Ben Shapiro

A Byte About Me

Born in Germany to a British opera singer & an American academic, I grew up traveling the world & quickly fell in love with the diversity & complexity of our planet.

At age 12, I started building computers & earned the nickname "Inspector Gadget". At 14, I began freelancing as a tech consultant, helping people use technology to improve various aspects of their lives. This laid the foundation for my next venture – founding TekMate, a tech tutoring & support platform for independent seniors & retirement community residents.

After TekMate, I joined the founding team at Endera, a commercial EV startup, & helped the company grow from a handful of people with a vision to 80+ people with a nation-wide reputation.

Now, I provide cutting-edge, user-centered startups with the product, design, & marketing support they need to scale and succeed.

I am a founder, turned product manager, marketer, & designer.

I utilize A.I. + low/no-code tools + savvy strategy to define, refine, & scale startups.

I am on a mission to empower people to live healthier, happier, & more fulfilling lives through technology.